Is it wrong to call Trump a liar?

The president of the United States is someone that the American people should be able to trust because of their loyalty to the country and constitution. Recently President Trump admitted he’s under investigation regarding the firing of former FBI Director James Comey and his connections to Russia during the 2016 election.

During Comey’s testimony to the special counsel, Comey said he took notes during his meetings with Trump because he thought Trump might lie about what was discussed. Many were outraged that Comey challenged the president’s integrity.  


Is calling the president a liar or challenging their honesty unpatriotic?

No it isn’t. The loyalty of Americans should first be with their country, instead of first or only to the person elected.

Senator Bernie Sanders has called Trump a liar before. In an article written by Amber Phillips in the Washington Post, Sanders was accused of “lowering the state of public discourse” because he used the L-word to describe Trump. Phillips felt it was wrong for the U.S. Senator to refer to the president as a liar and insinuates the L-word should be left out of politics.

Even though some were upset with Comey and Sanders for their distrust in President Trump, it is not unheard of for presidents to lie.

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John F. Kennedy said in 1961, “the United States plans no military intervention in Cuba.” Later that year the CIA aided Cuban nationals to invade Cuba, which became known as, The Bay of Pigs Invasion.


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During the Watergate scandal, in 1973, Richard Nixon famously said, “I am not a crook.” Nixon denied his involvement with Watergate, but eventually the release of his tapes proved otherwise.

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At a White House press conference, in 1998, Bill Clinton denied allegations about his relationship with intern Monica Lewinsky. Clinton said, “I did not have sexual relations with that woman, Miss Lewinsky.” Later that year Lewinsky testified against Clinton and he admitted to having an “improper physical relationship.”

Although other presidents have been caught in lies, it doesn’t mean all presidents after them should be discredited. This only means the American people should not forget the possibility of a president or any other person holding a public office to be dishonest.

Is it wrong to call President Trump a liar?

No, it is not wrong to call the president a liar or question his integrity. Of course the president should be given respect just like any person holding a public office, but the president is still human and not free of of error.

While referring to Trump as a liar, Sanders refers to things Trump has said that were proven wrong or were exaggerations. In one of his blog posts Sanders makes it clear he is calling Trump a liar because of his dishonesty in reporting facts, not because he disagrees with Trump on political issues.

Here are a few of Sanders tweets where he refers to Trump as a liar:

Sanders points out lies that aren’t a secret or difficult to figure out, but by using Twitter Sanders can let the world know to be wary of Trump’s false claims.

Those like Sanders who call Trump a liar are not accusing him of lying because they don’t agree with him, but by calling him out they are upholding the standard that all presidents should remain honest in their service to the country.

By being afraid of the L-word, people are blindly trusting the integrity of a man who has been dishonest in the past. No matter what political party or associations, no one is above the law and even the president should be held accountable for what he says.


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